Sabi Sands South Africa with Karen Blackwood

I invite you to come on our 5-day Big 5 wildlife safari in Sabi Sands, South Africa, famous for incredible, relaxed leopards. We are in the home of the Big 5 and adjacent to Kruger National Park in South Africa without fences between. 13 leopards call our traverse area home, as well as 3 lion prides. Elephants, buffalo, rhino, wild dogs, zebra, giraffe, cheetah–they are all frequent visitors to the water hole and we’ll see them going about their daily lives in the bush on game drives. You’ll go home with once in a lifetime memories, and one in a million shots.

Our Luxury Lodge offers spacious private bungalows with indoor/outdoor showers, a spa, pool, wine cellar, full bar, delicious meals (you were warned–bring roomy pants!), and a caring staff.

Day 1: Arrive in time for lunch, then hop on the vehicle for that perfect afternoon and evening light. We’ll stop for a Sundowner Cocktail, then we’ll do some night shots, working with other vehicles for soft sidelight and backlit shots. When we return to the Lodge after our 3 hour drive, we’ll have a cocktail and discuss the day’s sightings before we dine at candlelit tables around the blazing fire.

Day 2-4: We’ll be up early to chase that gorgeous African Golden Light on our morning drive, complete with a coffee stop at a picturesque spot. We’ll return to the Lodge after our 3-hour drive to be met with a made-to-order breakfast overlooking the waterhole. After our bush walk, we can work on Lightroom editing and photography techniques together. After lunch, we’ll head out for the evening game drive, then have cocktails and dinner by the fire again.

Day 5: We’ll say goodbye after our morning game drive and breakfast, but you’ll be back. Sabi Sands and our African wildlife will pull your heart once you leave.

My partner and I are award-winning Africa Geographic, NatGeo Daily Dozen, Best of Africa, Nature’s Best published professionals. We emphasize fun, education, and fantastic photos of wildlife. We lead every safari ourselves. We love coaching photography and helping people improve or perfect their skills.

We will take only 6 people per safari vehicle on this Big 5 safari, and we rotate between vehicles. That guarantees that everyone gets an end seat in the safari vehicle for a great view, and access to our skills, knowledge, and insight.

Our prices are in Rand. This safari is R 40,000 (about $2600 but the exchange rate varies, please check!)/per person, double occupancy. We can accept solo occupancy as well. Please ask for prices at

15% deposit due at time of booking, and you can book securely with a credit card. Balance is due 60 days prior to Safari. We also offer complete transportation assistance to get to the Lodge, including a no-worries package—just ask!

R 40,000 (price in Rand)

Danube Delta Scouting Tour with Jeff Parker

Because this is a SCOUTING TRIP this photo tour is offered at a very special low price: $2500 (all-inclusive; double occupancy – single is available).

Group size is limited to six (6)

During this Danube Delta photo tour, we’ll explore this biosphere reserve with cameras in-hand. This protected river network, famous with birders the world over, is Earth’s northernmost sub-tropical forest.

With over 5,500 species of flora and fauna, the Danube Delta is one of the world’s most bio-diverse places and hosts plenty of lens-fodder!

We already know birding here is awesome so we’ve organized this scouting trip to determine just how great the photography can be. As with our other scouting trips, this photo tour is offered only this once at this special price.

Mid-May is the to visit the Danube Delta. While the bird activity is at its peak, the temperatures are still relatively low compared to what they’ll be in the summer.

The Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and World Biosphere Reserve, encompassing about 1.6 million acres of rivers, canals, marshes, tree-fringed lakes, floating reed islands, and sand dunes. The waters of the Delta meander to the Black Sea.

South Texas Birds with Jeff Wendorff

The Texas Bird Photography Workshop is the result of my enthusiasm for Bird Photography and willingness to share a couple of decades of experience as a professional wildlife photographer and workshop instructor.

Who knows how many of the more than 100 possible species we will find, but when we do they will be right where we want them, in front of your camera. We will be photographing from blinds that have feeders and freshwater to get up close, without fear of spooking the birds away. We will create beautiful natural perches and perfect non-existent backgrounds so your images will be fantastic!

Along with a local expert with hundreds if not thousands of hours photographing birds in Texas, we will help you create your best bird photography images. You’ll learn about the birds, you’ll learn about your gear, and you’ll learn how to create stunning bird photography images!

Birds of High Island Texas with Marisa Pryor Luzier

Three full days of action-packed photography during the height of Spring Migration and Breeding Season in Coastal Texas. The highest concentrations of migrating warblers, shore, and wading birds galore in full breeding plumage . We will visit Sabine Woods, Smith Oaks Rookery, Bolivar Flats, and Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Photography education on low level imagery at Bolivar Flats, flash and natural light for warblers, and macro and motion of wildflowers at Anahauc. Limited to 10 people. NANPA members receive a 15% discount.

Sandhill Crane Migration with Cheryl Opperman

Capture one of nature’s oldest and largest migrations in the Sandhill Crane Photo Workshops and Tours. Over 600,000 cranes travel through Nebraska every March in a stunning wildlife spectacle. Crane Trust custom-built photo blinds give photographers intimate access to the largest roost on the Platte River for an up-close view of this magnificent gathering that makes for extraordinary pictures. Exclusive blind access, lodging and meals are all included, conveniently located on the Crane Trust private lands.

Venice Rookery with Mary Lundeberg

In this class, students will capture powerful digital photographs by using the wide array of camera functions available beyond the automatic settings. Students will explore the aesthetics and principles of nature photography by thinking about the story they want to tell, how to frame the story (composition elements) and how to use light (exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO). Students will learn how to photograph birds in flight, as well as create beautiful bird portraits. This course includes field experience at the Venice Rookery.

Alaska Eagles with Cathy and Gordon Illg

Hundreds of eagles meet here for their last feeding frenzy before the river freezes over. You’ll get fantastic behavior, flight shots and even have a good chance of portraits.

From the Archives: Secrets for Capturing Stunning Photographs of Birds

Editor’s Note:  With spring finally making an appearance across the United States, birds are very active; building nests for their young, looking for food during much of the day, and treating us to their beautiful songs and chirps.  This piece by Melissa Groo appeared in 2016 and is very worthwhile reading for this season.  DL

Story and Photos by Melissa Groo


© Melissa Groo

Melissa Groo is an award-winning wildlife photographer, writer, teacher, and speaker. She writes a regular column on wildlife photography for Outdoor Photographer magazine, and her photos have been published in many magazines, including Smithsonian, Audubon, and National Wildlife. Issues of conservation and ethics in photography are passions for her, but more than anything, she loves revealing the soul of her wild subjects and sharing that with others. Continue reading