How Professional Photographers Are Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis – Part 1

Mary Louise Ravese (photo by Richard Fain)
Mary Louise Ravese (photo by Richard Fain)

The coronavirus pandemic has hit photographers hard.  Times are tough, but we’re a creative and resilient bunch.  We reached out to some professional photographers to ask how restrictions imposed by cities, states and the federal government have affected their businesses.  We also wanted to know how they were adapting—both their own lives and their businesses—to the challenges of these difficult times. 

The first photographer in this series is Mary Louise Ravese, owner of Bella Vista Photography, a North Carolina-based nature and fine art photographer, teacher and workshop leader.

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The Business of Photography: A Millennial’s Thoughts on Online Video Courses

Filmmaker Peter Hoffman on assignment in California.

A great online course offers something bigger than technical knowledge: it offers time hanging out with YOU. It offers the chance to experience your world, to join you in the field, to see, first-hand, your unique approach to the photography process. Here, filmmaker Peter Hoffman is on assignment in California.

Story and photos by Kika Tuff

The world of online education is a new frontier for nature photographers and one that can be quite lucrative. But making money isn’t as simple as building an amazing course and setting it free on the internet. Plenty of thoughtful, well-designed courses go undiscovered every day.

So, before you invest your time and energy into building a course, I wanted to offer some ideas on how to ensure you don’t get lost in the ocean of internet content.

First: know what you offer.

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