Canadian Rockies with Chuck Haney

The Front Range of the Canadian Rocky Mountains is one of the premier photo locations, especially in autumn, when the numerous aspen groves put on a splendid display of yellows and golds. We’ll focus on small lakes and beaver ponds with reflections (hopefully with a dusting of snow on the mountain peaks). From our base in the lovely resort town of Canmore we will have plenty of options for quality landscape and wildlife photography as we will also venture north along the Icefields Highway to iconic photo spots like Peyto and Bow Lakes.

Canadian Rockies with David Culp

We will explore Banff and Jasper looking for new iconic shots and creative wildlife compositions. We will hike to locations where golden larch trees line the sides of mountains and reflect off shimmering pools. We will see water so blue, even the most overzealous Photoshop enthusiast will not dare touch a slider!

This workshop is for those that want to experience new places and see nature at its finest hours. It is not necessary to be a skilled photographer, you can bring your phone and I’ll help you grab great images of our excursions. I like to stick to small groups, so there will be plenty of time for instruction and we will schedule our days and time to make use of the best light. We will remain flexible enough to stop and take advantage of the ever changing conditions found in this vast wilderness.

Photographing the Canadian Rockies

Just one of Canada’s innumerable peaks, the last light of day shows this one to its best advantage.

Just one of Canada’s innumerable peaks, the last light of day shows this one to its best advantage.

Story and Photos by Jerry Ginsberg


Our American West is sprinkled with many spectacular national parks. Even a quick glance at the map will reveal that these preserves of nature are just islands in a sea of a burgeoning population surrounded by spreading towns and cities that often press against many of the parks’ very borders.

In sharp contrast, our Canadian neighbors have a nation of almost exactly the same size as the U.S., but with only about one tenth of our population. As a result, they enjoy roughly ten times more elbow room. With the exception of relatively small pockets of people, western Canada enjoys lots of wide open spaces. As long as we bring our passports along, those fine folks will let us share their pristine parks and vast wilderness.

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