Sandhill Crane Migration with Cheryl Opperman

Capture one of nature’s oldest and largest migrations in the Sandhill Crane Photo Workshops and Tours. Over 600,000 cranes travel through Nebraska every March in a stunning wildlife spectacle. Crane Trust custom-built photo blinds give photographers intimate access to the largest roost on the Platte River for an up-close view of this magnificent gathering that makes for extraordinary pictures. Exclusive blind access, lodging and meals are all included, conveniently located on the Crane Trust private lands.

Raptors & Bird in Denver with Cheryl Opperman

Join Denver Audubon, HawkQuest, and award-winning photographer Cheryl Opperman to master bird photography in this unique photo workshop that supports wildlife conservation and education. Photograph 10 different species in a variety of settings and attend photography classes daily. Small class size with individual critique sessions included.

What you will learn:

How to evaluate and modify light for bird photography including the use of flash when appropriate
The best camera settings to stop or intentionally blur action, ensure adequate depth of field, and tips to speed your response time so you are always ready to capture the action.
In depth exposure selection including the exposure triangle, best exposure modes for different lighting situations, and evaluating the histogram.
Customizable settings most useful in bird photography
Choosing effective compositions that direct your viewer through the image and eliminate distractions.
Anticipating bird behavior
Finding and photographing birds in the wild
Digital processing techniques to optimize your images.

Equipment needed (a more detailed list will be provided after sign-up):

Camera body with mostly telephoto lenses (Anything from 200mm to 600mm will work well as the birds are very close)
Tripod with panning head
Laptop computer with image processing software

The Digital Darkroom in Nebraska with Cheryl Opperman

Join award-winning photographer Cheryl Opperman for a new 2019 fall workshop designed to help you improve your digital processing skills and expand your creativity in the digital darkroom. Designed for intermediate digital photographers, we will explore the tools and techniques that optimize your output and allow you to construct brand new works of photographic art. In addition to hands-on classroom sessions behind your computer, we will spend time in the field photographing the Crane Trust’s genetically pure bison herd, a variety of raptors from a local raptor education and rehabilitation organization, and prairie scenery.

From the President – June 2018

Don Carter, NANPA President


This is my last letter as president. Gordon Illg becomes president on July 1 and I look forward to working with him this coming year. NANPA is an amazing organization and I know under Gordon’s leadership, NANPA will continue to do great things for its members.

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From the Executive Director – Susan Day – 04.02.18

NANPA Executive Director, Susan Day

Why should you go to the Nature Photography Celebration?

As the April 9 early registration deadline nears for the Nature Photography Celebration in Jackson, Wyoming, I thought I’d write about questions we’ve been answering lately in the NANPA office.

First of all, it’s a NANPA event; and anyone who has ever attended a summit or regional event knows that they’re fun, educational, inspiring, and you get to hang out with a bunch of friendly nature photographers. Summits are primarily inside at a convention center or hotel, and regional events are outdoor field trips or workshops. Celebration combines the two—indoor presentations plus our schedule allows for free time each morning to photograph and spend time with other photographers and vendors in the field. Or have coffee or drinks together after hours in some of the cool watering holes in downtown Jackson.

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