A Thankful Photographer

While the heron is thankful for a meal, I’m thankful for places like Huntley Meadows Park where I can photograph wildlife. © Frank Gallagher

By Frank Gallagher, NANPA Blog Coordinator

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, I am reminded of a relative who used to make each guest at her holiday table say what they were thankful for. But, in year two of a pandemic that’s taken so many lives and disrupted travel and business, are there things we’re still grateful for? Yes, Virginia, there are many things for a nature photographer to be thankful for. Vaccines, for one, that are gradually helping life, travel, and our businesses return to a more normal state, and, in no particular order:

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With a Little Help From Our Friends

Exhibit hall at NANPA's 2019 Nature Photography Summit. Photo by Frank Gallagher

Exhibit hall at NANPA’s 2019 Nature Photography Summit. Photo by Frank Gallagher

Putting on a great conference, like NANPA’s recent Nature Photography Summit, isn’t easy and the full costs aren’t covered by your registration fees, alone.  Keeping the conference affordable to attendees, while providing excellent speakers, technology, facilities and food, requires more.  Some of that extra support comes from our exhibitors and sponsors.

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