Glacier National Park with Jennifer King

Glacier National Park is known for it wild and serene beauty. This incredible national park is said to be Mother Nature’s finest work. Join us on this 4-day photo adventure, and experience the glaciers, sun and vistas in this northwest corner of Montana. From vast landscapes to majestic mountains, colorful sunrises to reflecting lakes, and abundant wildlife all make this location a photographer’s paradise. Come explore and photograph the wonders of Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park with Chuck Haney

If you haven’t been to Glacier before, now is the time! It is truly my favorite national park and basically in my backyard. I have been exploring and photographing the wonders of the park for nearly 30 years and know it extremely well.
The workshop will be based out of the small town of St Mary on the park’s more scenic eastern side. We will have many great photo options including wildflowers, waterfalls and wildlife. Valleys like Two Medicine, St Mary and Many Glacier will be full of wildflowers and host lakes that can yield stunning reflections on calm mornings. In the past we have had very good luck photographing moose in a small lake. Bighorn sheep and mountain goats are almost always on hand at Logan Pass so bring your telephoto lens. We will also visit the North American Indian Days celebration in nearby Browning on Saturday evening where we will take in a rodeo (with great shooting access) and the colorful dancing contests and ceremonies. The rodeo provides a great way to sharpen your photography skills with predictable moving subjects.
Book early as this class sold old last time and lodging is limited. This class offers a great opportunity to sharpen and improve many aspects of photography skills in a special and unforgettable setting.

Weekly Wow! Week of October 1, 2018

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Showcase 2018 Top 100 winner: Ice Bubbles, Glacier National Park, © Chuck Haney

Showcase 2018 Top 100 winner: Ice Bubbles, Glacier National Park, © Chuck Haney

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Ever Considered Quitting Your Job?

Story and Photography by Peter Zelinka

© Peter Zelinka

© Peter Zelinka

Have you ever considered quitting your job to go on an epic adventure?

After graduating college and working a full-time IT job for over a year, I needed an escape. I was tired of spending 9+ hours a day in a windowless, grey server room. A plan slowly started to form. This trip would span the entire Western US, and would allow me to finally see the landscapes I had been dreaming of for years. Continue reading