Scotland’s Isle of Sky and Highlands with Andrew Slaton

Scotland… a land of forests, mountains, rivers, sea, and waterfalls. It is easily one of the most dynamic countries on earth, and provides some of the most stunning landscapes and vignettes of nature for photographers. We will get 3 full days to explore the most scenic spots in all of the Highlands.

The next three days will be spent on the unparalleled Skye. It was dubbed “Cloud Island” by the Norse. And an apt name it is for the famous Isle of Skye in Scotland. The convergence of mountain, sea, and sky make this large island a true photographer’s paradise. The saying is more true here than anywhere I’ve been that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” For us photographers, dramatic weather is what we like, and that is exactly what you get on Skye!

7 Tips for Air Travel with Gear by Jeff Parker

© Jeff Parker

© Jeff Parker

Image and text by Jeff Parker

1) Disguise your gear. 

You don’t want your bag to scream “Expensive photography equipment inside!” so make sure it looks like any other bag—or, make it look worse (perhaps you can even have a bit of fun making it look “extra” undesirable).  Cover up or remove any easily recognizable logos like “Canon” or “Nikon.”  A bit of black electrical tape works well.  Continue reading