Getting to know you; A year-long project

Story and photography by Kathy Lichtendahl

I admit it…I am spoiled by where I live. Northwest Wyoming, with its easy access to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, is a nature photographer’s paradise. In the summer months I can be in Lamar Valley within two hours. In early winter, an hour’s drive south puts me in range to capture that magnificent moment when two bighorn rams collide with incredible force and in spring I have the joy of photographing young pronghorn and elk literally in my backyard.

Heart Mountain, October 24, 2016 © Kathy Lichtendahl

Heart Mountain, October 24, 2016
© Kathy Lichtendahl

But even in this amazing environment, there are those months when the photo doldrums set in and I wonder if I will ever get another opportunity to shoot something that makes my heart beat a little bit faster. That is why, every January 1, I try to come up with a personal photo project instead of the typical New Year’s resolution. I started this practice a couple years ago when I felt the need for a challenge to get me through the long cold months that stretched to spring. Continue reading

The Commoners

Story and Photography by Kathy Lichtendahl

Cottontail © Kathy Lichtendahl

Cottontail © Kathy Lichtendahl

Anyone who has ever so much as considered going on an African photo safari is well aware of the concept of “The Big Five”. What many may not realize is that the expression originated as a hunting term used to describe those game animals most difficult to hunt on foot. Regardless, photographers and sight-seers alike have adopted the idea of seeing lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo as the sign of a successful trip. Continue reading