Ireland with Kathy Adams Clark

Photo Tour Highlights:
• 10 days with accomplished photo tour leader Kathy Adams Clark.
• Photograph the quiet side of Ireland ~ County Mayo.
• Tour limited to 12 passengers.
• New accommodations: hotel and spa walking distance to center of Westport with lively traditional Irish music sessions each evening.
• Everyone now has ensuite accommodations, with beautiful waterfront rooms.
• Experience Western Ireland while spending the majority of your evenings in one accommodation.
• Relaxed & flexible itinerary to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Grand Teton NP with Jason Eldridge and Beth Ruggiero-York

The Grand Teton National Park for lack of better words is well… grand. The peaks jut straight up out of a relatively flat area allowing for pristine views of the Grand Teton portion of the Rocky Mountains. One of the most iconic images of the Tetons comes from Ansel Adams at the Snake River Overlook. This image is one of many which have inspired photographers young and old. Snake River Overlook is one of the many places we will visit as we chase the light.

Monday night, May 20th, we will all meet in the hotel conference room set aside for the Nature Photography Show This will be for an orientation and to go over the itinerary for the following three days as well as get a sense of what each of you is looking for out of the workshop.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be filled, sunrise to sunset, with photographic opportunities as we explore the Tetons visiting many of the famous locations. Each day there will be an opportunity to look at what you have captured and receive post processing instruction. Finally, after photographing sunrise at Schwabachers Landing on May 24th we will meet for a recap and a final breakfast as everyone leaves on their own.

Workshop Includes:
• Photographic instruction
• Lodging: This is based on double occupancy. If you wish to have a private room it can be arranged for an additional fee.

What’s not included:
• Transportation: Transportation to and from the airport or during the workshop is not provided.
• Food

Taormina, Sicily with Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Sandwiched between the watchful eye of the “gentle” volcano Mt. Etna and cliffs overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina is, indeed, the jewel of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. With a dramatic coastline, small cliffside villages, colorful fishing fleets, and Taormina itself, you will have much to photograph. And don’t forget all those scenes from The Godfather. Some of them were filmed in the area in which we hold our workshop! In fact, one of the villages is just up the coast from Taormina. Here, you will be able to celebrate your passion for photography with fellow enthusiasts.

And, the food and wine are superb. We are friends with three amazing chefs, and you will not be disappointed.

Limit 12 participants with two instructors. Our 2017 workshop was sold out!

$1,720 for NANPA members w/ twofer discounts with barge or Paris.

Yosemite National Park with George Theodore and Brenda Tharp

Join Brenda Tharp and George Theodore of American Nature Photography Workshops in this magnificent location. Yosemite, our third oldest National Park with its huge waterfalls, soaring granite domes and sheer cliffs, gives the landscape photographer endless subjects to capture. We’re there in spring when the waterfalls are at their peak flow and flowering trees dot the valley. We’ll follow our usual schedule of morning and late afternoon photography interspersed with classroom sessions that include critiques of your work.

See our website for details and come join us.

Champagne Country by Barge with Margo Taussig Pinkerton

We are returning to France for another barge trip, this time in Champagne country on another set of rivers/canals. An all-inclusive trip (barge portion), we will have fun photographing, enjoying the barge (dedicated to our group alone) and the camaraderie, and doing our normal imaging and critiques. This will include tastings and excursions to historic locales.

This is a workshop that is designed for a photographer and guest or two photographers sharing a cabin. Limit 12 participants with two instructors, and our 2018 trip was sold out.

Paris with Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Paris, also known as The City of Light, is without a doubt our favorite city. TBC’s English Granny and dad lived there. Margo first spent time there in the early 60s, and Arnie followed a few years later. We base our workshops on the Left Bank/Rive Gauche near Jardin du Luxumbourg. The Seine is a short walk down the hill, and The Louvre and Notre Dame are a few steps more. Cafés abound, and we get to watch and photograph the people and sites of this grand city. Margo, by the way, speaks fluent French. Here, you’ll get to seek your own vision while having a ton of fun …And, if the majority of participants wish, we head out to Giverny, land of Monet and learn to interpret the gardens as Money did with his oils.

Limit 12 participants with two instructors.

$1,340 for NANPA members w/ twofer discounts for Barge or Sicily.

Outer Banks with Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Join our photography workshop on our own wild and pristine North Carolina barrier islands. We will show you special gems along this untamed coastline we love so well. The sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular, the patterns along the seashore and in the marshes inspirational, and the sights and sounds of the wild Atlantic pounding the coast intoxicating. We’ll even visit a beautiful garden where the spring blossoms are stunning. You’ll love photographing here, and you’ll be able to celebrate your passion for photography, hone your seeing and imaging skills, and learn about the magic of light to make wonderful photographs …

Limit 12 participants with two instructors.

$1,340 for NANPA members.

Namibia with Ed Braz

Namibia is a vast country, even by African standards, covering an area approximately four times the size of the United Kingdom but with a population of a mere 2.6 million – one of the lowest densities in the world. It is also an ‘ageless land’; visible through a heritage of rock art created by stone-age artists and geological attractions such as the Organ Pipes and the Erongo Mountains. Added to the space and silence, these all contribute to a feeling of antiquity, solitude and wilderness.

The climate is typical of a semi-desert country. Days are warm to hot and nights are generally cool. Temperatures are modified by the high plateau in the interior and by the cold Benguela current that runs along the Atlantic coastline on the west of the country. Except for the first few months of the year, the country is generally dry with very little rain. We will have our own professional and experienced safari guide who will enhance our enjoyment of this unique country by making it a fascinating and stress-free journey of discovery amidst very dramatic scenery. The knowledge, experience and attitude of our guides are critical to a successful safari – they are both personable and very professional.

This workshop is for you if you are looking for multiple photographic opportunities in a deserted and dramatic environment. It is a safe, carefree naturally beautiful space where you will feel at ease when doing what you really enjoy – making fantastic images.


Charleston with Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Charleston has many faces. Not only is she a southern belle, complete with handsome architecture, famous charm, beautiful tree-shaded streets and squares, wonderful wrought iron, old cemeteries, and an interesting waterfront, but nearby, there are historic plantations, the ocean and estuaries, and and we must not forget the wonderful, magnificent swamps with their graceful cypress trees, knees rising out of the water, and reflections amongst spring flowers. There is much to explore and inspire your artistic eye…

Limit 12 participants with two instructors.

$1,340 for NANPA members.

Northern Lights with Gordon and Cathy Illg

Fairbanks is the place, March is the time! Fairbanks in March–for clear skies, easy access to the aurora and the best odds! Join us for a fantastic tour we have been running for a very long time. We can shoot right outside our comfy, warm rooms. No sitting around and waiting–we’ll wake you up!