Yellowstone and Grand Teton Fall with John Slonina

Best of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

These world famous parks are some of the most exciting places in the world to photograph landscapes and wildlife. This is a must see on any nature photographers list. September is a great time to visit as the huge summer crowds and traffic jams are gone. The legendary wildlife is more abundant and in full winter coats, the rut, stunning scenic, and fall foliage. Iconic Waterfalls, geysers, mountain ranges and much more. Witness incredible natural events.

This is the peak time for Fall color.

This workshop is led by professional nature photographer John Slonina who has been leading tours there for several years.
Authorized permittee of the national park.

Small Group Size: 6 People
Transportation Provided to and from Airport. You do not have to rent a car.

All skill levels

John Slonina
Slonina Photography
Phone: 508-736-1167

Wyoming Wind River with Andrew Slaton

A unique wilderness experience, 7 day, remote Wyoming Landscape/ Wildlife/ Adventure Workshop. This is one of my signature workshops… and a personal favorite. In my opinion, the Wind River Range is the most beautiful wilderness area in the lower 48… and it will be our playground for nearly a week this summer! Known almost exclusively by locals, crowds will not be a problem for us! If you’re looking for solitude and a peaceful “classroom” experience, this is the workshop for you. If you are in good shape and enjoy a custom, backcountry experience, then you are in for a real treat.

Scotland’s Isle of Sky and Highlands with Andrew Slaton

Scotland… a land of forests, mountains, rivers, sea, and waterfalls. It is easily one of the most dynamic countries on earth, and provides some of the most stunning landscapes and vignettes of nature for photographers. We will get 3 full days to explore the most scenic spots in all of the Highlands.

The next three days will be spent on the unparalleled Skye. It was dubbed “Cloud Island” by the Norse. And an apt name it is for the famous Isle of Skye in Scotland. The convergence of mountain, sea, and sky make this large island a true photographer’s paradise. The saying is more true here than anywhere I’ve been that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” For us photographers, dramatic weather is what we like, and that is exactly what you get on Skye!

Death Valley Landscapes and Nightscapes with Jennifer King

Death Valley offers the most unique experience for photographers. The diversity of the landscape is almost unimaginable, and its beauty is rugged, raw and fierce. Explore and photograph this mysterious landscape then photograph under the night sky. Walk along the ridges of a sand dune, photograph salt formations along the valley floor, photograph the famous La Playa racetrack, view the desert colors from atop the mountains and even photograph a ghost town. Join us on this 5-day photographic journey for sunrises, sunsets and stars under the desert sky.

Big Bend with Andrew Slaton

Big Bend is one of the most remote and least visited national parks. It is also the best for seeing the night sky in all its glory! So on this exciting workshop, we will focus the art of seeing, the practice of looking at our subjects with fresh, creative eyes. We will also focus on night photography, and as always, we will discuss and shoot landscapes & general nature.

Add Scale to Your Grandscapes by Kerrick James

© Kerrick James

© Kerrick James

Like many of us, my love of photography began with the wild landscape. My early years were spent emulating icons like Ansel Adams, David Muench and Eliot Porter. I followed the grand landscape dream all over the American West, and after years of chasing light and doing “pure” landscapes with no signs of humanity whatsoever, I began to feel a little boxed in, as if I was repeating my favorite lighting formulas everywhere I went, and missing something I could sense, but not see. Continue reading

The “Old School” Graduated ND Filter

It is easy for digital photographers to get lazy out in the field — “Oh, I can fix it digitally, later. . . .”

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that approach, but I like to try to get it right in the field, preferably all in one shot. And sometimes that takes a few tricks.

Take the image below I just photographed.

A long exposure can give a nice abstract feel to an image. Using a polarizer slows down your shutter speed about 2 stops helps give you that longer exposure. Combined with a small aperture and low ISO, I had a nice long 30 second exposure to really abstract the water on the lake.

But what about the sky?  It is a lot brighter than the darker foreground here and will overexpose.  I could shoot it in two different exposures and add in the properly exposed sky later, but I’d rather get it one shot.

So I pulled my 3 stop Graduated Neutral Density filter out of my bag and held it over the lens to bring down the light in the bright sky and equalize the exposure.  Voila – you get the image all in one shot. A little more work up front, sure, but worth it to me. (And less work on the computer, later!).

Sean Fitzgerald

Dock at Sunset on Bitter Lake

On Screwing Up by Gary Crabbe

Story and Photograph by Gary Crabbe

Morning light on sandstone cliffs reflected in the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend, near Pag, Arizona

Morning light on sandstone cliffs reflected in the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend, near Page, Arizona. © Gary Crabbe/Enlightened Images

Even professionals screw up every now and again. We may not brag about it in public, but rest assured, we make mistakes just like everyone else.

The photo above may not look like a total screw-up, but it is. It’s a multi-row, nearly 40-frame panoramic image shot with my Nikon D800. Continue reading