Monarchs in Mexico with Steve Gettle and Nicole Sudduth

Join us for a truly magical adventure as we experience one of nature’s many wonders: being in the midst of millions of Monarch butterflies. The patterns and colors will excite your eyes and the gentle whisper of wings will catch you by surprise.

Only discovered in 1976, this tiny mountain area, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is where millions of Monarchs, almost the entire population on the planet, migrates as many as 3,000 miles to to overwinter. The mystery and magic of the Monarch is strong here, with questions still unanswered about how this tiny creature, weighing less than a paper clip, knows to fly to this one location, a place it has never been before. These are the ancestral forests of the Monarchs.

Photograph huge clusters of Monarchs at rest as they hang heavy on the limbs of Oyamel fir trees. Capture the eruption of orange as the sun hits their wings and thousands of Monarchs fly at once from tree limbs. The future of the entire population lies with these Monarchs and we have timed this trip to coincide with their peak activity as they get ready for their epic journey north.

Over the course of this tour, we will visit three locations, each with a different flavor and offering different photographic opportunities. We will visit the Monarch colonies at different times of the day to photograph in different light and see the different behaviors.

In addition to Steve and Nicole who have been to the sanctuaries multiple times, we are fortunate to have Estella Romero, an Angangueo native and Monarch coordinator from Journey North to join us for this special trip and share her decades of insights and knowledge of the Monarch colonies.