Meet David Lester – NANPA Blog Coordinator

David C. Lester, NANPA Blog Coordinator © David C. Lester

Greetings!  I am the new NANPA Blog Coordinator, and have been meaning to write an introductory post since I started in this position several months ago.  I worked with Rebecca Spriggs for several months, and she did a great job of training me in the general mechanics and finer points of WordPress, the platform for our blog.  We were all sorry to see Rebecca leave NANPA for another position, but certainly wish her well in her new work.

I live in Atlanta, and completed a career in health care information technology in 2012.  I’ve been a nature and wildlife photographer for a little over a decade, and started a business with my brother in 2011 called NatureBook Photography.  While I’ve been photographing nature for a while, I also began writing about nature nearly two years ago.

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