British Columbia Grizzly Bears and Salmon with Tom Mace

Through our international partnership, we have secured an amazing opportunity to photograph grizzly bears fattening up for their long winter break. At this time of year, the bears begin to congregate along the narrows of the Smith Inlet. The bears are made accessible to photographers by professionally created blinds along the river, a short ride from the floating lodge. During our trip in September 2017, we had over 20 bear encounters. This location is isolated 50 nautical miles, accessible only by sea plane or a long boat ride, puts you in one of the most unique and undisturbed settings to capture pictures of a lifetime. The lodge has actual biologists on site to offer tremendous insight to the bears and their eco-system. This coupled with professional photography instruction and support makes this one of the best environments to learn wildlife photography. The lodge does everything right! Accommodations include world class dining, comfortable, clean rooms with in-suite bathrooms, beautiful views of the inlet and a peaceful quiet setting in which you immediately become immersed.

Price Includes:
 Roundtrip seaplane flight from Port Hardy to Lodge and Back
 Lodging
 Meals
 Beer and Wine
 Bear Excursions and day hikes or boat rides (either or both)
 Professional Photography Instruction and Support
 Hotel Stays in Vancouver and Port Hardy.
 Good Bye Dinner in Port Hardy
 If you have a Canon DSLR, Tom will share his 500mm and 600mm lenses.

Not Included:
 Airfare to Vancouver and Port Hardy. Please call for details and special instructions.
 Incidentals

Conservation: Alaskan Beauty

Story and Photography by Tyler Hartje


Winding rivers serve as the lifeblood of this dynamic ecosystem, carrying fresh water and nutrients to the tundra.  © Tyler Hartje

I couldn’t help but stare out the window during the short 45 minute flight from Anchorage to Iliamna — my home base for the next week as I sought to photograph the grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) and maybe catch a glimpse of the elusive coastal wolf (Canis lupus). Coming from Seattle, Washington, I am no stranger to vast mountain ranges, winding rivers, and large bodies of water, but the Alaskan scenery left me awestruck. I couldn’t believe that I was going to spend the next week in this incredible place. Continue reading