Zion & Southwest Utah in Fall with Michael DeYoung

Our all-inclusive exploration will take us to close by and easy to access iconic locations including a 4WD trip to stunning and sweeping views of Zion’s towering walls and to beautiful hidden gems off the beaten path in and around the park including outfitted slot canyon hikes that offer an intimate canyon experience.

In this 7 day, location-intensive workshop you will learn desert lighting skills, composition and design skills along with special techniques to consistently create landscape images with impact. The open and colorful sandstone landscape, tree lined river bottoms and deep blue sky fosters a creative environment. Mornings and evenings will be spent practicing and perfecting your craft as we seek out the brilliant yellows of cottonwood and box elder trees and blazing reds/oranges of maples. Some mid-days will be spent with informative and constructive critique designed to make breakthroughs in your photography to a higher level. Other mid-days will be spent exploring canyons and capturing beautiful reflected light.

“Bosque Wildlife” at Bosque del Apache NWR with Sandy Zelasko and Irene Hinke-Sacilotto

Situated along the Rio Grande River, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge covers more than 57,000 acres and is a major wintering ground for cranes and waterfowl. Refuge personnel manage the water levels of its wetlands and impoundments to simulate what was once the seasonal flow of water from the Rio Grande before the river was damned and the flow altered. To feed the huge number of birds visiting the refuge each year, nearby fields are planted with corn, winter wheat, millet, and other grains. Loop roads transect the refuge marshes and fields and provide prime sites for wildlife viewing and photography. Species that may be seen include shovelers, buffleheads, pintails, teal and other ducks; bald and golden eagles; kestrels and other hawks; turkey; meadowlarks; quail; roadrunners; coyotes; mule deer; and more. In November, large flocks of snow geese and sandhill cranes will be present. At night to escape predators, the birds flock to the marshes and shallow pools. With dawn, the snow geese and other waterfowl rise in mass from the wetlands and sweep overhead on their way to nearby fields to feed. Each day we will spend the early morning and late afternoon hours at the refuge photographing birds and many other species of wildlife which are present at the sanctuary.

Mesa Verde National Park

Story and Photography by Jerry Ginsberg


Spectacular Cliff Palace, largest of all ancient dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park, CO. Cliff Palace was home to an advanced civilization until about the 13th century. Even now, no one is certain as to why they left. © Jerry Ginsberg


Nestled in the southwestern corner of Colorado sits the first and (almost) the only national park established to protect the works of man, rather than Nature, the fascinating Mesa Verde.

Hidden for centuries and unknown to Europeans until a couple of cowboys looking for strays stumbled upon it in 1888, this treasure trove of Native American history includes several thousand structures, both simple and complex, that were built here spanning a period that is estimated to have lasted from perhaps 600 to about 1300 C.E.

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