NANPA Foundation Offers Online Portfolio Reviews

Ad for photo reviews

By Frank Gallagher, NANPA Blog Coordinator

Collecting Instagram likes and compliments from mom and aunt Betty might feel good, but probably won’t make you a better photographer. You can take a class or go on a workshop, but those can be expensive and you may not get much one-on-one time with an instructor. Instead, one of the best ways to learn where you are and how you can improve is to have a portfolio review. In a review, a professional photographer, editor, or agent examines a selection of your images and provides critique, feedback, and advice. Portfolio reviews are often expensive, though many photo conferences include portfolio reviews as options. You, however, can get one at a very reasonable cost, without the time, travel, and expenses of a conference through the NANPA Foundation.

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Spring Flowers

Photo of the Estes Valley outside of Rocky Mountain National Park after a spring snowstorm. ©  Dawn Wilson
A view of Estes Valley outside of Rocky Mountain National Park after a spring snowstorm. © Dawn Wilson

By Dawn Wilson, NANPA President

Welcome to the month of spring flowers!

Well, for most people it should be. As I type this blog post, it is snowing again here in Colorado. The snow is a welcome weather occurrence as we desperately need the moisture, but it does do a number on those flowers people plant before the recommended planting date of Mother’s Day in Colorado. Much of Colorado, like the West, is still under severe drought conditions, bringing with it the fear of yet another difficult wildfire season. Fingers crossed that is not the case.

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Photo Editor Becomes NANPA Fellow

Photo of Susan McElhinney
Susan McElhinney

Susan McElhinney is the photography editor for Ranger Rick magazine, published by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), and for NWF children’s publications and projects. And, during NANPA’s 2021 Nature Photography Virtual Summit, April 29 – 30, she’ll receive a NANPA Fellows Award. The award recognizes McElhinney’s career in publishing, in supporting professional nature photographers, and in using images to promote children’s connection to nature and educate them about conservation issues.

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