Birds of High Island Texas with Marisa Pryor Luzier

Three full days of action-packed photography during the height of Spring Migration and Breeding Season in Coastal Texas. The highest concentrations of migrating warblers, shore, and wading birds galore in full breeding plumage . We will visit Sabine Woods, Smith Oaks Rookery, Bolivar Flats, and Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Photography education on low level imagery at Bolivar Flats, flash and natural light for warblers, and macro and motion of wildflowers at Anahauc. Limited to 10 people. NANPA members receive a 15% discount.

Beneath the Surface: Photographing Texas Wildflowers

Bluebonnets, Terry Hershey Park, Bee

Bluebonnets, Terry Hershey Park, Bee.

Story and photos by Theresa DiMenno

In the natural world, beneath the surface speaks to what is concealed or goes unnoticed. It bestows a sense of wonder, reverence or deep connection. In photography, it refers to moving in closer and being intimate with a scene. Observing a monarch butterfly emerge from a chrysalis is a transformative experience. Watching a bee extract nectar from the wing petal of a bluebonnet is an exquisite example of the interconnectedness of life. Look closely at the veins of a flower petal. Notice the gentle arc of prairie grass swaying in the late afternoon light.

I’ve been aware of the power of nature since I was a three year old, lying on my back in the gravel driveway of our San Antonio home, watching clouds pass across the sun. I knew with certainty when the daylight changed its tone that it would return with a profusion of light sweeping across the landscape. I didn’t know why, I just knew the light would return. I’ve been watching clouds and light ever since those very early beginnings.

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