Water Droplet Photography: A Unique Way to View a Common Subject

Photo of a water droplet frozen after it hits the water showing ripples spreading outward on the surface and a round splash going up.  Water droplet © Dale E. A. Lewis
Water droplet © Dale E. A. Lewis

By Dale E. A. Lewis

Next to the sun, water is probably the most photographed subject in nature. It can convey power and strength as a magnificent crashing wave or serenity and calmness as a gentle babbling brook. With a fast shutter speed, you can freeze it in time to see every detail or use a slow shutter speed to render it as an ethereal mist. Of course, let’s not forget its beautiful reflective properties. No wonder that water is a fascinating subject to photograph! In fact, it’s so fascinating that even a solitary droplet can elicit feelings of awe and wonder. And that takes us to water droplet photography, a specialized type of photography that takes a lot of trial and error to successfully accomplish. The stunning results make it well worth the effort.

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