Zion and Bryce NP with Dusty Doddridge

Zion National Park has a dramatic but quiet beauty all its own. Zion offers an amazing variety of subjects to photograph this time of year from the grand scenics of the Watchman and Court of the Patriarchs to the more intimate scenes along the Virgin River. You’ll be able to photograph the colorful cottonwoods and maples set against the sheer canyon walls rising high above the valley. We’ll even plan to hike and photograph the amazing Narrows of the Virgin River, one of the best hikes in all the world. We’ll also be exploring Bryce Canyon, just up the road from Zion. Bryce is full of amazing canyon views along the rim that reveal the special glowing hoodoos that make Bryce such a compelling photographic location .

Southwest Utah with Michael DeYoung

Capture some of the most inspiring and colorful scenery in Southwestern Utah (Including Zion National Park and Grand Staircase National Monument) during this week long tour featuring both iconic and lesser known, but just as majestic, locations that afford the best photographic views and experiences found in the region.

This adventure is designed to stimulate creativity with maximum engagement in target rich locations with lots of personal instruction and guidance.

Great Photography Spots in Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

Fantastic lunar landscape of the Wave, in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, located in both Utah and Arizona.

Fantastic lunar landscape of the Wave, in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, located in both Utah and Arizona.

Story & Photography by Jerry Ginsberg

Exploring the Southwest

Although the four states that comprise the great Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah) contain a combined total of thirteen national parks, this vast area has so much spectacular natural beauty that all of it could not possibly be contained within these parks.

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Arches National Park

Elegant and graceful, world-famous Delicate Arch dominates the scene in Arches National Park, Utah.

Story & Photography by Jerry Ginsberg

High on the list of the most photogenic landscapes anywhere is the Beehive State, Utah. With five spectacular national parks, each one special in its own right, Utah is simply not to be missed.

While in the past, I have written tips for a photo trip to Moab, Utah, Arches National Park is such a singularly important place for nature photography that adding an article focused specifically about it seems both necessary and worthwhile.

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Majestic Monument Valley

The Mittens, Monument Valley.

The famed Mittens, calling card of Monument Valley Tribal Park, Utah and Arizona.

Story & Photography by Jerry Ginsberg

Monument Valley Tribal Park, situated within the sprawling Navajo Nation, is not a National Park, nor is it federal land. It is a fascinating and wonderfully scenic, 30+ square mile chunk of Arizona and Utah belonging to the Navajo people.

In only a few places on Earth can we find such a concentration of fantastically-eroded sandstone formations in such a relatively small area.

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Backing Up

View from atop Hunt’s Mesa in Monument Valley Tribal Park of the Navajo Nation, AZ. © Jerry Ginsberg

Story and photographs by Jerry Ginsberg


To apply some advice that I received several years ago, one hard drive will annoy ya….two are a paranoia. The hard truth is that only three things in life are certain: death, taxes and hard drive failures. They all have finite life spans. No matter how sophisticated your drives may be, given enough use over enough time, they will fail.  Not if, but when.

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