Shoot Like a Woman

Landscape photo with mountains and snow.  Caption is The group explored the beauty of TNC Wyoming's Tensleep Preserve during an extended weekend visit.
The group explored the beauty of TNC Wyoming’s Tensleep Preserve during an extended weekend visit.

Story & photos by Kathy Lichtendahl

One day back in late fall, 2013, I made the hour-long drive from my home at the base of Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains to meet a friend for lunch at one of the few restaurants in the small farming community of Powell. The town is located in the middle of the Bighorn Basin, about a half-hour’s drive northeast of Cody and an hour and a half from Yellowstone National Park’s east entrance. Powell is also the home of Northwest College, a small two-year community college known, in part, for its excellent photography program, which is where my friend was teaching.

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Design your photos for success

Story and photographs by Jennifer King

Summer is here, and a great time to get out and photograph. As you are capturing all that summer has to offer, I want to remind you of the impact that fundamental design principles can have on your photography.


Are you photographing a mountain or beach? Where you place your horizon line can help you to create depth and dimension in your photo and also help call attention to the hero in your photograph. Consider referencing design tools like the Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds or the Fibonacci Spiral when setting up your composition.


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