Pacific Elephant Seals with Tom Mace

Join us as we visit the West Coast of California to witness an awesome collection of sea life, sunsets, and huge gatherings of Monarch butterflies. There are a handful of Elephant Seal Rookeries on the West Coast of California, we know the best location and the right time for photographers to capture 16 foot, 5000 lb. bulls on the beach establishing their dominance. Elephant Seals migrate back to the California coast in early to late winter to give birth, mate, and layout on the sandy beaches. The photo opportunities are endless. We have also mapped out several locations to capture California sunsets, possible encounters with wild Sea Otters, and a short excursion to see a Monarch Butterfly Grove that has thousands of butterflies congregated for the winter. In addition; we will see many birds, as our location is a stopover on the Pacific Flyway for birds migrating from Alaska to South America. Home to over 200 species of birds with one of the largest Heron Rookeries in California, Morro Bay is the site of one of the largest birding festivals which takes place the week before our visit. Your guides, being California natives, are very familiar with these areas and know where to put you in front of the action.

This is an all inclusive photography workshop. All ground transportation, hotel, meals, fees, and all the little things are handled by Tripod Travelers.

Design your photos for success

Story and photographs by Jennifer King

Summer is here, and a great time to get out and photograph. As you are capturing all that summer has to offer, I want to remind you of the impact that fundamental design principles can have on your photography.


Are you photographing a mountain or beach? Where you place your horizon line can help you to create depth and dimension in your photo and also help call attention to the hero in your photograph. Consider referencing design tools like the Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds or the Fibonacci Spiral when setting up your composition.


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