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NANPA is proud to partner with the cast of Wild & Exposed to showcase NANPA members and dive deep into the subject of nature photography. The Nature Photographer is a candid podcast that goes past sponsorships, publications, workshops, and awards to reveal the true heart and mind of the photographer whose passion is nature—whether that’s conservation, wildlife, flower, landscape, travel, adventure or underwater photography. READ MORE >

The Nature Photographer episodes appear twice monthly on Wild & Exposed.

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© Alena Ebeling-Schuld


What one factor contributes more to a nature photographer’s success than anything else? Wild & Exposed co-hosts Ron Hayes and Jason Loftus will tell you when they sit down to talk with NANPA President Dawn Wilson. Plus, hear more about opportunities available to nature photographers through NANPA—from insurance to grants, big inspirational conferences to small regional field events—and what Wild & Exposed has to offer NANPA members, too.

The Nature Photographer | Membership Has Benefits | Oct. 29, 2020

© Charles Glatzer


NANPA President Dawn Wilson and Wild & Exposed‘s Michael Mauro and Mark Raycroft sit down with Canon Explorer of Light Charles Glatzer, one of NANPA’s long-time members, for the inaugural episode.

Chas covers a lot of terrain with his co-hosts—from mishaps in photographing bull elk to responsible wildlife photography behavior, emerging technology pros and cons, the benefits of NANPA membership, and that magical feeling of being in the field in the golden hour. “You’ve got to be dead not to feel that,” Chas says.

The Nature Photographer | Inaugural Episode with Charles Glatzer | Oct. 13, 2020

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