Tools to Help Promote NANPA

NANPA is committed to growing its membership and many NANPA members have asked how they can help promote the organization to other photographers. Below are tools that you can use to share the benefits of belonging to NANPA. Feel free to adapt the tools to include your own experiences and photos to better fit with the potential member(s) you have identified.

1. Refresh Your NANPA Benefits IQ

– Highlight NANPA benefits such as support for nature photography, networking with nature photographers, upcoming events and activities
– Provide copies or links of NANPA resources, such as Member User Manual, Benefits-at-a-Glance flyer, Membership Application, NANPA Membership Video

2. Identify Those Who Could Benefit from NANPA Membership

– Photographers attending a workshop or field event
– Colleagues at your local camera club
– Fellow Meetup participants
– Friends that share your interest in nature photography

3. Personalize It

Include how NANPA has helped you in your career/hobby of nature photography.

4. Follow Up

Send a thank you note/email to the prospect(s) you spoke with about NANPA and see if they have any questions.

Tools for Your Use

Questions? Contact Teresa Ransdell, NANPA’s membership coordinator,