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You may be scrambling to turn in-person courses to online events, or you may now have time to reassess marketing strategy and refresh materials. Whether you’re thinking about short-term solutions or long-term strategic plans (or a balance of both), here are some ideas:

Financial Assistance for Nature Photographers

What changes are you making to workshops to comply with social distancing?

Here’s what pro nature photographers told us:

  • Limiting enrollment – as low as 4-6 people in some cases
  • No carpooling; everyone drives themselves
  • Classroom portions offered via Zoom with everyone in their own rooms; still go outdoors together to photograph for field portion
  • No shared lodging or transportation
  • Local workshops that don’t require travel
  • Private tours only
  • Require masks (some are requiring all the time; some make it option when outside)
  • Include hand sanitizer and masks in workshop kits
  • Asking clients to sign COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver (see example)

Copyrighted Images Protection

  • Can websites embed your Instagram posts without your permission? READ MORE >
  • Protect your copyrighted images. Members can use DMCA “Owner Take Down” and “ISP Take Down” letters provided in the Members Area.

Marketing Support for Nature Photographers

  • Five tips for writing/revising your photographer bio READ MORE>
  • Avoid getting lost in a sea of online video courses READ MORE>
  • Create a long-term social media, blog, and/or e-newsletter content calendar. The “Monthly Writing Prompts” provided in our Members Area can help.
  • An Introduction to Manual Marketing on Instagram, recorded webinar by Alyce Bender in our Members Area.
  • 3 Magic Steps to Power Marketing, recorded webinar by Stephen Leimberg in our Members Area.
  • Incorporating Twitter Into Your Photography Business Marketing Plan, recorded webinar by Dawn Wilson in our Members Area.

Planning and Administrative Support

  • Example COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver from ASMP DOWNLOAD>
  • White Paper on return-to-work safety from Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers READ MORE>
  • Need to connect virtually? Here’s the lingo and apps you need to know. READ MORE>
  • Wildlife Photography and Book Design, recorded webinar by Paul Brooke in our Members Area.
  • Project Management for Photographers: Strategies to Stay on Track from Shoot to Publication, recorded webinar by Jaymi Heimbuch in our Members Area.
  • Organizing, Cataloging, and Keywording: Preparing Your Images for the Future, recorded webinar by Kathy Adams Clark in our Members Area.
  • The Reality of Making Money in Nature Photography, recorded webinar by Mike Moats in our Members Area.

Make It Work!

Five highly accomplished professional nature photographers give you the hard facts, tips, and inspiration you need to make your passion a sustainable career.

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