You got this!

a dashboard of resources to support nature photographers during COVID-19 pandemic

The pages in this menu will be updated frequently in the weeks and months to come. Bookmark it and visit often.

Mother Nature is resilient, and so are nature photographers. As a community, we’ve adapted to challenges and changes in the past, and we’ll continue to do so. Together. We can #NANPAtogether

We’re gathering tools to help you address your four biggest needs:

  • Your business: move events and classes online, strengthen your brand, attract new followers, etc.
  • Your art: locate subject matter, master new skills, learn post-processing tips, care for equipment, etc.
  • Your connections: meet with colleagues virtually, discover new-to-you nature photographers
  • Your inspiration: stay in touch with nature, get motivated by others’ nature photographs

NANPA will support you. Here’s how:

Recorded live from outside (windy) Rocky Mountain National Park.

#NANPAtogether for more
If you have resources or inspiration of any kind to share with NANPA members, please tag it with #NANPAtogether—on any social media feed or blog post—to help others find it (and you).