• “Yellow Waters of the Uncompahgre River”. The periodic release of sediments accumulating in Ridgeway Reservoir containing high concentrations of toxic heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium and lead creates dangerous conditions for downstream residents, animals and crop irrigation. There is no alternative except for almost unaffordable cleanup of the many old mines whose tunnels and tailings greatly amplify the leach problem that is extensive in Ouray County and other parts of Colorado for which 230 leaking mines have been identified. (Read 4/21/2016 Denver Post Article.) The uncontrolled mining of the 100 years ago left an irreparable legacy., Ouray County, CO (Category: Conservation)
      © Harvey Stearn
    • This adult Mountain Lion was riding out a snowstorm in this wintry tree with colorful dead leaves., Uinta National Forest, Utah (Category: Mammals)
      © Jim Burns
    • Painterly view of an avocet in winter plumage., Monterey Bay Aquarium, California (Category: Altered Reality)
      © Betty Sederquist
    • Two brown bears at a rescue center known as Fortress of the Bear engage in mock fighting., Sitka, Alaska (Category: Altered Reality)
      © Betty Sederquist
    • A Black Skimmer makes a dramatic landing on the beach with a fish in its mouth. It puts its wings straight up like this to hit the proverbial brakes. When they do this, it really shows off the enormous wingspan these birds have relative to their body. , Sarasota, Florida (Category: Birds)
      © Peter Brannon
    • A Galapagos sea lion blowing bubbles at me, while simultaneously playing with some seaweed in her mouth. Her body is reflected many times over at the water's surface. , Floreana Island, Galapagos. (Category: Mammals)
      © Susan McConnell
    • American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) Pod Preening in Early Morning Fog., Viera Wetlands, Florida, USA (Category: Birds)
      © Dennis Fast Photography

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