Expressions 2018 Is Here!

The North American Nature Photography Association produces an annual print/digital publication called Expressions.  The journal highlights the top 250 photographs from the NANPA Showcase competition held each year.  The 2018 edition of Expressions is now available.

The digital version is available free of charge to all current NANPA members.  Simply go to the NANPA website and log into the Members’ Area and click the “Expressions” link.  From this page, you can download the magazine for each year back to 2011.

A magazine-quality printed version of Expressions is available via the MagCloud link on the webpage.  The print version is a beautiful publication to add to your collection, and you can enjoy it without having to be online.

NANPA Expressions is among the highest-quality annuals devoted to nature photography.  We hope you’ll check it out soon!

David Lester




From the Archives — Which Lens Should I Bring?

Ed. Note:  Today, we offer another blog post from our archives.  Hank Erdmann prepared a good discussion on how to choose a lens when headed out for a photography session in the field, and it’s nicely illustrated with his photographs.  This post originally appeared about two years ago.  DL


"Peninsula Snow Sculpture" © Hank Erdmann Peninsula State Park, Door County, Wisconsin (90mm lens for 4x5)

Peninsula Snow Sculpture © Hank Erdmann Peninsula State Park, Door County, Wisconsin (90mm lens for 4×5)  

Story and Photos by Hank Erdmann

“What lens should I bring (into the field) with me?”  This is a question I hear many, many times a year while conducting tours, classes, and workshops. While I joke about this, often saying: “well, all of them.” To an experienced photographer, the question on the surface seems silly. To be truthful however it is a very valid question, on more than one front. While I usually address the issue up front in classes before we hit the field, I and other experienced photographers should be more aware that this is not as obvious as we think it is. Continue reading

Showcase 2018 Winner Profile – RICHARD W. SANDFORD

Scapes Best in Show: Ferns and Birch Trees-Showcase 2018 © Richard W. Sandford


Editor’s Note:  This is the first in a series of profiles of winners in the Showcase 2018 Competition.  We will be featuring one winner each week.  Not all of the winners chose to prepare a profile, but we have quite a few who did.  This week, we begin with Richard W. Sandford and his winning image “Ferns and Birch Trees.”  DL

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Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona – URGENT NOTE

Ed. Note:  Shortly after posting Jerry Ginsberg’s wonderful post on Pearl Harbor last week, we learned that the Memorial is going to be closed indefinitely for repairs. I decided that the best way to communicate this is to republish the post, along with a note from Jerry compiled from the NPS news:

The National Park Service announced on May 28 that tours to the USS Arizona Memorial will be suspended until further notice due to structural defects in the boat dock and visitor loading ramp. Engineers are working to devise long-term repairs.  The National Park Service deserves our respect and gratitude for the great work that they do, but as they presently struggle under a maintenance backlog exceeding $10 Billion, any expectation that we will see these repairs completed in the near future may well be overly optimistic.


Forward gun turret on the USS Missouri. As one of four New Jersey class battleships commissioned in 1943, the “Mighty Mo”was one of the very last of her kind ever built. © Jerry Ginsberg

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Weekly Wow! Week of June 4, 2018


The Milky Way over Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA  © Chuck Haney

The following Showcase images have been selected to appear on the NANPA home page for the week beginning Monday, June 4, 2018 –  Ed. Note:  To see all of this week’s Weekly Wow! images, please go to our homepage,, and view the slideshow at the top – the show is composed only of this week’s noted images.  DL

Margaret Larkin – “Death Valley Dunes, Death Valley, California” (Category: Scapes)

Rona Schwarz – “Greater Prairie Chickens sparring, Burchard, Ne.” (Category: Birds)

Tom Speelman – “Dancing Coastal Brown Bears, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska” (Category: Mammals)

James Urbach – “snowy owl flying among reeds, Canada” (Category: Birds)

Jane Scott Norris – “King Penguins, Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands” (Category: Birds)

James Squires – “Schooling Jacks, Cabo Pulmo, Mexico” (Category: Macro/Micro/All Other)

Chuck Haney – “Milky Way over Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park” (Category: Scapes)