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Default Workshops and Tours

The best advice I can give you is to attend workshops and tours by several different photographers and see what parts of them you like and do not like. Use this as a guide.

Being a good photographer is a step toward being a good workshop or photo tour leader, but it's definitely not the whole picture - just one of many steps. If you haven't taught before, I would recommend starting small - perhaps lecturing at camera clubs, or to local groups. Build from there.

Remember that for a week long photo tour or workshop you'll need to plan every detail from where meals will be held, to making reservation, booking rooms in advance, making certain every detail is as it should be. There is also a fair amount of customer service that goes along with being a tour / workshop leader. This not only happens during the time you are photographing, but often you get questions before and after. The more workshops you do, the more happy participants you have, the more questions you get - I typically spend about 1/3 of my total time in any given year answering questions, marketing workshops and tours, and developing new relationships for future tours.

It is a very time intensive activity, but an enjoyable one at that. My suggestion would be to attend some well presented tours / workshops first, and keep track of what you think works, and what doesn't.


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