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Good advice I read here. Go to workshops. You can learn from the bad ones as well as the good ones. I'm a community college professor and if I might say so myself, which I will, I'm a pretty good instructor. Now I'm working on the technical end of photography to build my skill set.

Take care of the details. Be organized! My gosh, I went to a few nationally known "tours" and the photographer was incredibly disorganized. ALSO, good grief, folks... give people something. Even PowerPoint slides three to a page is better than nothing. Have materials on a website. Give people some value. Give them a chance to practice what you are teaching. Then give feedback. AND, come on, have some sponsors and giveaways. That's just a start.

I have the teaching down... I just need more skills as a photographer, which is a lifetime pursuit.

Jim Patterson

Originally Posted by curti49537 View Post
I am considering starting tours for wildlife photography. I have lots of experience shooting wildlife and know lots of good locations.
Is there any advice out there on getting started?

Gus Curtis
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