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Default Moose Photo Workshop June 2012

Moose Country, New Hampshire and Maine
Wildlife and Landscape Photography Workshop

Explore the beautiful Northern Forest with professional photographer John Slonina. We will be visiting several places to explore the beauty of the Northern New Hampshire. To get the best lighting and see the most wildlife we plan on photographing predawn to sunset with a mid day break. Northern NH is abundant with wildlife. This is Moose Country. Multiple moose are usually seen daily. We also will spend time photographing other wildlife including frogs and dragonflies etc. Explore some of NH wildest areas.

We will have some great opportunities to photograph moose possibly with the newborn calves. If time allows we will visit a local waterfall. The northern forest has some stunning landscapes that we will also photograph. We will visit some little known spots. John has photographing and exploring this area for several years.

We will also be taking a boat ride to a remote Wild Lake to photograph Bald Eagles, Moose, and Loons etc.


June 2013

This includes all instruction in the field and transportation from hotel. Also lodging. This also includes a Wildlife Boat Ride on Lake Umbagog.

All Skill Levels

Small Group Size for individual attention.


We believe in capturing the best light some our workshops include sunrise and sunset shoots (weather permitting). Early morning and later afternoon has the best lighting for photography. It’s also the time wildlife is most active. Also early morning has some other advantages less traffic and people and less wind. The day is paced to maximize photo opportunities and the schedule will be flexible to maximize getting the best light.

Day 1: Group meeting and introductions then evening Photoshoot.

Sat and Sunday Morning:

Sunrise Photoshoot then breakfast at a local restaurant.

Mid Day: Because of the extensive daylight hours at this northern latitude at this time of year we will have a mid day break. We can still expect long days in the field. This is a great time to relax, eat lunch, sleep to get recharged for the afternoon shoot. This would be a great time to review your images and John will be available for questions and critiques. We also will be doing an slideshow and photo critiques.

Afternoon: We will be doing an afternoon shoot till sunset then dinner. One afternoon we will be doing a sunset boat ride on Lake Umbagog. On the boat we hope to photograph loons, eagles, and moose and of course landscape photography.

Monday Morning: Sunrise Photoshoot

Please note: Wildlife is extremely unpredictable. We will be in one of the top areas of New England for wildlife photography In the past we have had an extremely high success rate but we can’t guarantee we will see any particular species.


Transportation to field locations is included. The meeting place will be the Lopstick Lodge in Cabins in Pittsburg NH.


Not included. We will visit some local restaurants.


The hotel is included in this tour.

Lopstick Lodge


We will help you create beautiful images and have fun but also teach skills and techniques you can use to take your photography to the next, higher level! When the weekend is over, attendees will have a solid understanding of nature photography and your camera.

For more info

Contact info
Phone: (508) 839-5111

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