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Default Great Bear Rainforest in BC

Has anyone been on a tour in the Great Bear Rainforest in BC
I am looking at the

Any information you can share would be great.

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Old 06-12-2013, 11:41 AM
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Default Great Bear Rainforest

This looks like an interesting trip.

A couple of suggestions. Late summer is a good time to photograph bears since they are fat with thick coats. In the spring or early summer, adults can look a bit ragged. But of course, that's when you see the cubs.

For black bears, the Vince Shute Sanctuary near Orr, MN is a good location. I was there for several days a couple of years ago. I was within a few feet of very large adult black bears but still safe. It's a low cost / low budget operation but quite unique. Several NANPA members offer tours there.
Eric Bowles
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