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Default Nature Photography Day - June 15th, 2009

A Monday for You!

June 15, 2009, Nature Photography Day

We're into our fourth year of observing Nature Photography Day - and this year, a Monday looks better than ever! June 15 is a day to view the world with your camera and maybe even advance the cause of conservation. Those are the goals of this nationally designated day. Nature Photography Day on June 15 is an entry in McGraw-Hill's reference work Chase's Calendar of Events. NANPA's History Committee was instrumental in establishing this date to focus attention on nature photography.

Nature Photography Day Member Event

NANPA again challenges its members to take nature photographs on June 15 and upload *one* for publication in the July/August issue of Ripples , our bi-monthly newsletter. This is not a contest. All photos will be published and there is no cost for submission. Photos for submission MUST be taken on June 15, 2009, within walking distance of wherever you are on that day. Full details can be found on the NANPA Nature Photography Day Event Page.

Celebrate Nature Photography Day!

Make your Monday a day to remember! June 15 opens up a fresh new week--ideal to begin photographing your surroundings and inspiring others, too.
You could do this:
  • Select a subject in nature that is small or common and thus easily overlooked. Then photograph it in a way to make the ordinary seem extraordinary.
  • Take your kids and grand kids on a nature trek and give them a single-use camera to use. Then print some of their photos and present them, in a mat or frame, to those young photographers.
  • Pick something that you've never photographed before, and then make plans to photograph that subject or scene every June 15.
  • Look for and photograph something that detracts from the beauty in nature - images that show how human beings sometimes adversely affect our environment.
  • Finally, ask yourself how your images can help to bring positive changes to your world!
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Default nature photo day images

I looked at the images from nature photo day on Ripples and was a little disappointed in the quality. Seemed like a couple were pretty sharp but most were pretty fuzzy. Maybe have something to do with the PDF format? Too bad these can't be posted on the website as a sort of "current event" thing. I'm sure the images would look fine viewed as part of the site rather than a PDF. Some pretty cool images, we need to get more people involved.
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I'll have to check on the production of that issue. We asked for submissions of 200px on a side max. However, it looks like many images were upsampled for publication. Depending on how hard they were compressed to begin with, that would account for the quality loss. Perhaps we should allow for larger images so some reasonable resizing can take place without losing so much quality.
John Lock
NANPA Webmaster
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