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Kari Post
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Default New to NANPA

Hello everyone! My name is Kari Post and I'm brand new to NANPA.

I'm currently a graduate student at Antioch University of New England, where I am pursuing a Master's of Science degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Environmental Education. I've been photographing predominantly nature and wildlife subjects since 2006, but just recently joined NANPA when I decided to return to school because of its student rate.

I have a website, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter, all of which you are welcome to check out. My website features the most of my work, but it also doesn't get updated as frequently as I would like. I also work as an editor and writer for NatureScapes.Net, which is a popular nature photography online community.

I'm looking forward to becoming more involved with NANPA and hopefully will get the chance to attend the 2011 summit in McAllen, Texas.
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Welcome, Kari!

I think I am now the second-newest member of NANPA.

I just checked out your blog, Facebook page, and website. They are all very interesting.
AL Forrest in Jacksonville Beach, Florida
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