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Default FS: Canon 300mm f/4L IS USM

Perfect lens for sports or wildlife photography. This Canon image-stabilized L-series telephoto lens is in fantastic condition; it has always been used carefully, and when not in use, has been stored in a well-padded camera bag with lens caps on. Glass is perfect, and the lens barrel and tripod foot show virtually no wear. Lens was purchased new in 2007 and I am the only owner.

Lens comes with all original accessories: front and rear caps, padded carrying case LZ1128, and carrying strap. Packed in original box with original styrofoam inserts and instruction manual. The lens hood is built-in.

Lens is listed at $1359 at, $1359 at B&H Photo ($1349 for “gray market” product at B&H).

I am asking $1125. Paypal preferred. Buyer pays Paypal fees and shipping.

E-mail me at neil.losin at gmail dot com.

Neil Losin
Ph.D. Candidate
Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
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