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Member Photo Submissions

Thanks for your interest in submitting photos for NANPA's website!

Photo submissions are accepted from current NANPA members only. Not a member yet? Join right here!

Submitting your photos is a great way increase the visibility and marketing reach of your nature photography. This is a significant member benefit and available to all members.

Photos submitted by members are displayed on our website on a rotational basis (see below). There is no charge for submissions for these photos. However, the large photo appearing on our front page each day is the result of a juried competition, performed annually, known as the NANPA Showcase. For more information on submitting photos for consideration in the Showcase, please see the Showcase intro page.

Placement and Rotation -

Currently, ten photos are selected by software each day to appear in the "Daily Sampler" on NANPA's website. These photos are used to fill the scrolling banner at the top of our pages. We have implemented an automated rotation system that selects the next set of photos from the available pool once each day. When the list is exhausted, we start back at the beginning and continue. So, each day you visit NANPA's website, you will see a different set of photos.

Members are notified by e-mail if one of their photos was selected for the Daily Sampler.

Submission Criteria

  • Photos must be taken by NANPA members.

  • Maximum of three photos per member.
    (can be updated as often as you like)

  • Each submission must include a brief title.

  • All submissions must be available on a non-exclusive basis.

  • All submissions must be digital (JPEG format, RGB mode, 72ppi).

  • Each image must be no larger than 400 pixels on the longest side and the file size must not exceed 100KB.

  • Each image must be prepared and uploaded by logging in to the Member's Area and clicking on "Submit Your Photos".

  • Submission does not guarantee usage. Image files may be rejected by the photo editor. You will receive notice of any rejections.

  • Submissions are managed by each member using the forms in the Members Area. NANPA cannot edit, prepare, or upload photos for you. If you have difficulty with digital submissions, please contact the Photo Editor.

Submit Your Photos

Photo are submitted using forms located in the Members Area. Just login with your NANPA user ID and password and click "Submit Your Photos" to use the submission forms.

For questions and suggestions about submitting photos, send e-mail to

Manage Your Contact Information

By default, your name and website address (if present) are always shown for your photos. You may choose to provide additional contact information to make it easier for potential buyers to contact you. Just check the appropriate boxes on the submission form.

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