Southeast Coast Birds and Beyond With Rena Johnson

In this incredible 4-day workshop and tour, you will have the opportunity to explore 4 distinct and incredibly photographic locations that should be on every nature lover’s bucket list.

We will begin our tour in the mystical Okefenokee Swamp. Alligators, bears, turtles, cypress trees and Spanish moss will be a few of the items on our shot list here. As a bonus, we will shoot the sunset and night sky later in the evening. The next day will begin at Driftwood Beach as the sun rises. We will continue to explore this island while shooting long exposure ocean images, a variety of wading birds, and the occasional horse and rider out for an early morning run along the shore.

Our next stop will be St. Simons’ Island. There we will capture a variety of scenes from old churches to ships passing by to an assortment of birds standing watch. We will end this evening, capturing the light house as the sun sets behind it. Then continue shooting it as the night sky appears.

The next day we will head to St. Augustine to photograph an astounding variety of birds at every stage of life from eggs up through the fledglings to other chicks so large they are hard to distinguish from their parents. Hundreds, if not thousands, of birds nest here each year and are so close you can almost reach out and touch them (although this is strictly forbidden). We will end this evening as we head back up the coast shooting a few key locations as we go.

And if all of that is not enough, we will take time the last day to go over post processing. I will meet each person where they are and help them advance their editing skills to the next level. Once that session is complete, we will close our workshop out by having a fun photography contest, which is always a huge hit at my workshops. Ribbons and prizes will be awarded as well as an opportunity to enter some different regional contests from the places we just visited.

Grand Staircase-Escalante with David Kingdom

Imagine a landscape that includes miles of endless desert punctuated by large sandstone outcroppings and remote deep slot canyons. This sentence describes one of Utah’s most beautiful gems; Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It is truly a wild place, one that photographers have endless and diverse scenes to shoot. We will be leading you through this landscape, exploring sandstone arches, desert, and narrow walls of sandstone slot canyons. We will teach you how to photograph and chase the light through the canyons, and follow it as it paints the bright red sandstone outcroppings. From small abstracts to grand scenes, we will photograph this dynamic environment by day, and if weather permits, spend a night or two capturing the newly fully emerged milky way over the rocks and desert. The bright, new spring greens of the cottonwoods contrasted with the red sandstone walls that we will be hiking among creates stunning scenes. We will spend some time going over post processing techniques that bring out the detail and glow in the canyons and landscape. Join us in late spring for this chance to explore and photograph this special place in Utah!

PHOTOGRAPHER PROJECT – Dark Skies of West Texas, Story and photographs by Kathy Adams Clark

Satellite photo of United States at night.

Satellite photo of United States at night.

If you look at a satellite photo taken at night of the United States, you’ll see a recognizable shape. The coastlines are outlined in light. Major cities are clearly defined. Yet, out in far West Texas, there is a dark area void of major manmade lighting.

This huge dark area is being preserved thanks to a major dark sky preservation movement by local entities.

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