Tuscany with Betty Sederquist

Rather than march lock step on a tour of famous places in northern Italy, we’ll be doing just the opposite; expect serendipitous dawdling, lingering in villages to get to know the people and food, the special photogenic corners, what a place looks like at the magic hours of early morning or sunset. We’ll be exploring farmers’ markets and yes, some of those well-known landmarks, but we’ll be heading out early in the day to avoid the crowds. I’m partnering with a sommelier/Italy historian and teacher who has been leading groups here for years and who is a native Italian speaker. This trip is priced VERY right as it includes airfare from the West Coast of the U.S. as well as all meals. We’ll be staying in apartments rather than hotels and sometimes using public transportation, although we’ll be traveling on some chauffered trips to hard to reach places. Although Venice and Florence are included in the itinerary, we’ll also be visiting many small villages. We’re including the spectacular Dolomites in the southern Alps, too.

Capture to print—creating eye-catching black-and-white landscapes

Text and photography by Dana Warnquist

“Is that an Ansel Adams photograph,” she asked. “No,” the gallery owner replied with a chuckle. “It’s a local photographer.” Overhearing this exchange, I could feel my face warm as I flushed with both pride and embarrassment. True story.

Winter wonderland; Firehole Canyon, Yellowstone National Park. ©Copyright Dana Warnquist

Winter wonderland; Firehole Canyon, Yellowstone National Park. © Copyright Dana Warnquist

While my art certainly cannot be compared to that of master photographer Ansel Adams, his photographs and philosophies about protecting our natural environment have inspired and motivated me to capture eye-catching black-and-white images. Not everyone can create iconic landscape images like Adams, but with a few basic steps, from capture to print; stunning black-and-white images can be produced by even the newest DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera owners. Continue reading