Birds of SE Arizona with Tim Boyer

Photograph the wide variety and beautiful birds of SE Arizona. Up to 5 different hummingbird species and 40+ other species of birds are possible. Based out of Green Valley this four-day workshop has four morning and four afternoon/evening photography sessions. We’ll be shooting from photo blinds and use multi-flash setups for the hummingbirds. All the flash equipment for the hummingbird sessions is provided for you to use, just bring your camera, lenses, and a tripod (with plenty of batteries and storage cards).

Costa Rica with Jeff Mauritzen and Steve Morello

Learn from two of the best nature photographers in one workshop! National Geographic Photographer Jeff Mauritzen & photographer Steve Morello will be instructing a one week workshop at Crocodile Bay Resort, located on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Described by National Geographic, as one of “the most biologically intense paces on Earth”, the Osa Peninsula will offer us a chance to photograph all 4 species of monkeys that reside here, birds such as the Scarlet macaw and Chestnut-mandibled toucan, as well as a wealth of trees and poison dart frogs, snakes, turtles and of course, the beautiful rainforest!

Jeff and Steve have both led photo programs for National Geographic & Lindblad Expeditions all over the world, including many in Costa Rica. In our words, “We’ve set up this intensive wildlife photography workshop to bring you the best photo opportunities that Costa Rica has to offer.” Although we will have formal classroom instruction and feedback on your photos, the emphasis on teaching will be in the field, while we are on our excursions. This workshop is an opportunity to learn from two photographers who truly are experts in their field. Their combined experience covers every continent, every habitat, and years of working in the most difficult environments on the planet. Their experience will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to hone your photo skills and learn from the best.

For more details please visit the photo workshop link included here.

Pipestem Resort State Park with Amanda Haddox and Ron Gaskins

West Virginia is Almost Heaven, and some of the most beautiful sights are located within our State Parks! We’ll be exploring Pipestem Resort State Park, as well as Bluestone Lake State Park, and some other special locations along the way!

Pipestem Resort in southern West Virginia will be our base for the weekend, with discounted rooms at the Lodge, which also has a fine restaurant and meeting space for us. The Lodge overlooks the Bluestone Gorge, and the Bolar Lookout Tower at 3,000 feet provides an inspiring view, as well. It’s not uncommon to see eagles at Pipestem, and we’ll also trek to Bluestone State Park, where Park Naturalist, Julie McQuade, has recently spotted eagles! We will also visit the historic community of Bramwell, where coal barons built lavish mansions during the coal boom; and we’ll feature a visit to the abandoned Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, as well as some additional attractions.

Amanda Haddox and Ron Gaskins, our Instructors, will provide techniques and share their experience throughout our weekend! It will be an exciting and full one, with many locations to see and opportunities to learn.

Savannah, GA with Tom Mace

Savannah Georgia is known for its southern architecture, great restaurants and incredible nightlife. What many people miss while visiting the Savannah area is the amazing wildlife on display that rivals anywhere else in the Southeastern US. From Alligators to Wood Storks, there is an awesome collection of wildlife waiting to pose for our photographers. Tripod Travelers intimately knows where to take photographers to experience the wild side around the Savannah seascape. We choose this trip in the springtime to take advantage of the weather, nesting birds, baby alligators, and many other wildlife opportunities. There are two specific destinations around the Savannah area that will afford us tremendous opportunities to engage wildlife. When the adventure ends, we head back to our hotel on Bay Street to experience everything downtown Savannah has to offer on the waterfront. We schedule our trips after the St. Patrick’s Day craziness with itineraries that do not chew up a ton of vacation time, both trips are scheduled over long weekends. Your guides live in Georgia and have visited Savannah many times to escape the hustle of Atlanta. This trip will forever be remembered for the great wildlife photography, incredible food, fun nightlife and southern charm only Savannah and Tripod Travelers can provide.

This is an all inclusive photography workshop. All workshops, ground transportation, hotel, meals, fees are included in the price.

Birds of SW Florida with Tim Boyer

Florida has two of the best things a bird photographer could ask for, good light and plenty of cool birds. On this 5-day workshop we will have the possibility of photographing 75+ birds. We’ll go to a variety of habitats to find those birds, from wide-open beaches to cypress and mangrove forest, scrub and grassy habitats lake and rivers etc. Florida is a mecca for bird photography and we’ll go to close to twenty different shooting locations. This is a small group bird photography workshop, limited to 3 photographers so we can travel in one car and get around the Southwest portion of Florida quickly and efficiently. No need to rent a car, after you get to the hotel, transportation is included. A three to four hour chartered boat ride is included for a great chance to photograph Snail Kites and Limpkins. There will be lots of gulls, shorebirds, terns, herons, egrets, pelican, several duck species, some jays, nuthatches and several species of woodpecker as well. We’ll visit some of the most popular spots like Ding Darling, Fort de Soto, Venice Rookery, and Cape Coral and we’ll visit very productive sites that aren’t as well known but offer incredible photographic opportunities.

Alaskan Whale and Marine Wildlife with Larisa Manewal and Neil McDermott (3 day)

These exclusive expeditions in March and April are designed for avid and aspiring wildlife photographers whose goal it is to create original and impactful photographs with whales as the muse. Sitka, Alaska is home to the sac roe herring fishery, which occurs every spring as herring come back to spawn in the pristine waters around Sitka Sound. The marine environment kicks it into high gear as Humpbacks, Orcas and predators galore gorge on the bounty of herring. Abundant wildlife. jaw dropping landscapes and the amazing fishery operations add up to incredible photo opportunities.

This intimate experience includes private expeditions at sunrise and sunset* and personal mentoring and instruction with renowned Alaskan wildlife photographer Larisa Manewal and pilot and expedition leader Neil McDermott. Larisa will personally lead a 2 hour in studio class on day one and will be aboard on all expeditions helping you capture that perfect shot.

Your expedition includes, transportation to and from your accommodations and Five ( 5 ) whale watching excursions for a minimum of 20 hours total of private photography trips. We limit our expeditions to 4 people because we know meaningful wildlife experiences occur in small groups. You’ll ride safely and comfortably aboard our USCG captained, restroom equipped. and heated 26′ Sport Cabin, “Swell Times.”

Arctic Norway & Finland Birds with David Stimac

Early spring on the arctic shorelines and forests of Norway and Finland is an incredible time for bird photography! King and Steller’s eiders are almost ready to return to their breeding grounds in Russia. Black-legged Kittiwakes and Atlantic Puffins are coming home to their cliffs after a long winter at sea. Pine Grosbeaks, Siberian Jays and Arctic Redpolls flit through the Taiga. This is a magical time of year, as winter recedes and birdlife takes over. The longer days provide ample light, there are still plenty of winter birds, spring courtship activities have started and there are still good chances for spectacular Aurora borealis displays.

King, Steller’s and Common eiders, Razorbills, Atlantic Puffins, Common and Thick-billed Murres, Shags, Black-legged Kittiwakes, songbirds of the Taiga, northern owls, Aurora borealis, Golden & White-tailed Eagles, cryptic Willow & Rock Ptarmigan, the flamboyant displays of lekking Black Grouse and even the possibility of gyrfalcon or wolverine, all in a beautiful wintry landscape.

14 nights lodging
13 days of photography
All meals during the tour
All ground transportation
Professional tips and guidance in the field
Image critique
Local guides
Floating blind
All boat trips
Baited (roadkill) Golden Eagle blind
Black Grouse lek blind

Barnegat Light & Chesapeake Bay Waterfowl with David Stimac

The mid-Atlantic coast hosts millions of waterfowl every winter in several key regions. Sea ducks, Atlantic Brant and Snow Geese escape the arctic’s harsh weather on the open ocean and seek refuge on the tidal flats and salt marshes of New Jersey. Canvasbacks, Scaup and Wigeon flee the frozen prairie marshes and invade the open waters and marshes of Chesapeake Bay. During this tour we will visit these two areas that provide great access to a high diversity of waterfowl and other waterbirds.

he tour includes in-the-field tips and guidance, as well as my instruction on post processing images during bad weather or evenings. Participants should have a good working knowledge of their cameras and have a basic understanding of exposure. This trip is about spending as much time in the field as possible during the best times for photography. 400mm & longer lenses are recommended. Five days at these locations will help ensure that we have optimum conditions for photography. If time allows, we may also visit Island Beach State Park, Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. However, the priority will be on the Barnegat Light and Cambridge areas. We will meet on Day 1 of the the tour (Sunday) at 6:30 p.m. for orientation and a discussion on the daily schedule and carpooling options. The tour concludes on Friday evening.

Eagles & Peregrines of WA Coast with Tim Boyer

Photograph wild Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles and if we’re lucky a Merlin. There are also wintering Dunlin and Sanderling flocks, which make for some cool sunset-landscape opportunities. Four full days of instruction, with four mornings and four afternoon/evening photography shooting sessions. We’ll be using the car as a photo blind to get close to the birds of prey.