Last Light: Taking Advantage of the Last Vestiges of Daylight

Venice Beach at twilight (1-minute exposure).
Venice Beach at twilight (1-minute exposure).

Story & photos by F. M. Kearney

She snapped a photo of him each time he jumped in the air over an incoming wave.

A family the size of a small wedding party took turns photographing each other along the numerous rocks lining the shoreline.

He spent a lot of time capturing his better half in the evening light as she posed on a sand dune.

A day at the beach can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Photography has always been a popular pastime – especially toward the end of the day. If the beach is westward-facing, the sunsets are often truly amazing. This is usually the time when everyone’s attention turns to the sun (instead of each other) as it begins its descent below the horizon. The problem is that most people will pack up and leave immediately after it sets. It’s sort of like leaving the theater before the final credits finish rolling. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve hung around after the movie, only to be treated to some of the funniest outtakes and/or entire scenes that would have otherwise gone completely unseen had I left with the masses.

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