Ricketts Glen and Waterfalls Galore with Tom Dwyer

Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls – plus! If you like photographing waterfalls and streams you’ll love Ricketts Glen State Park in Benton, PA. Headlined by the 94-foot Ganoga Falls the park sports a total of 22 named waterfalls. Of course, that means virtually uncountable riffles and cascades along the way. It’s a veritable photographers paradise. Ricketts Glen embraces the Glens Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark which includes these wild, free-flowing waterfalls that cascade through rock-strewn clefts. Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the beauty of this 13,000-acre park.

We’ll focus not only with our lenses but our thinking, our vision, our senses and our feelings on the creation of artful images. We won’t “take pictures” or “capture photos”. Rather we will seek a better understanding of creating images “about” our subjects as opposed to “of” them. Participants should expect our days to be long and intense, yet filled with opportunities for exploring, and learning both in the classroom and in the field. Often, the camaraderie of our mutual interest will blossom into new friendships. Ultimately, you will go home having grown in your capabilities as a photographer and with an even stronger desire to pursue the artfulness of your craft. For more information visit: https://www.tomdwyerphotography.com/index.php/tour-workshop-schedule/ricketts-glen-and-waterfalls-galore

Design your photos for success

Story and photographs by Jennifer King

Summer is here, and a great time to get out and photograph. As you are capturing all that summer has to offer, I want to remind you of the impact that fundamental design principles can have on your photography.


Are you photographing a mountain or beach? Where you place your horizon line can help you to create depth and dimension in your photo and also help call attention to the hero in your photograph. Consider referencing design tools like the Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds or the Fibonacci Spiral when setting up your composition.


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