PHOTOGRAPHER PROJECT: Guardians of the Everglades

Turtle Hatchling 8'x4' Sheer Panels at Audubon Gala ©ConnieBransilver   Human Being 8'x4' Sheer Panel at Audubon Gala ©Connie Bransilver Ghost Orchid Essence 8'x4' Sheer Panel ©ConnieBransilver

Endangered Species Sheer Panels

by Connie Bransilver

I have always been a conservationist and one who photographs to share the beauty and importance of nature and the place humans have in it. Because I also believe that carrots are more effective than sticks, I focus on the allure of nature.

For 25 years I have documented conservation. My passions have been primates—lemurs of Madagascar, chimpanzees of Africa and orangutans of Indonesia. Commissioned by a variety of NGOs, what was always critical for me was the human factor. My last assignment was for UNESCO-Asia covering World Heritage Sites. Beyond the iconic images, I was to understand and expose the effect of the local population on the site and the effect of the site and its visitors on the local population. Continue reading