Put Your Photos to Work in iNaturalist

by David Cook, NANPA Conservation Committee Volunteer

Screenshot of NANPA umbrella collection project in iNaturalist, showing 15 species of plants and wildlife that have been observed

Most NANPA members have countless photos of the natural world in their catalogs. Shots of a bird in-flight, a bear fishing, a bison grazing, or a delicate wildflower blooming. As photographers we are quick to see what is wrong with an image: the composition isn’t compelling, or the light isn’t dramatic. You may not consider them “Showcase worthy,” even if they’d get “likes” on Facebook or Instagram, but that doesn’t mean the images don’t have real and significant value. This year, resolve to give these photos a new life in iNaturalist.

If you are unfamiliar with iNaturalist, it’s many things.

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From the President – June 2018

Don Carter, NANPA President


This is my last letter as president. Gordon Illg becomes president on July 1 and I look forward to working with him this coming year. NANPA is an amazing organization and I know under Gordon’s leadership, NANPA will continue to do great things for its members.

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