A Quick Photo Trip to the Badlands

Landscape Image of the Sculpted Contours of the Badlands , South Dakota  © Tom Haxby
Sculpted Contours of the Badlands , South Dakota © Tom Haxby

By Tom Haxby

Recently I found myself wanting to visit and photograph the Badlands. Just visiting South Dakota would be a first for me. It’s one of the few states I have never set foot in. Like many others during this pandemic, I feel more comfortable avoiding crowds, driving, staying in a tent, and doing my own cooking. So, into the truck went the camping gear and camera equipment and off I went on an odyssey to the Badlands of South Dakota!

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Where Cats Swim and Dogs Climb Trees

The Winter Bobcats of Yellowstone

Story and Photography by Cindy Goeddel


Bobcats are good swimmers and tree climbers and very, very, patient. The bobcat hunts by stealth, but delivers a deathblow with a leaping pounce that can span 10 feet. Concealed between a rock and a log in the Madison River, this feline waited and watched the river flow, alert and hoping for an unwary duck or swan to drift within reach. © Cindy Goeddel

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