Close to Home: Photographing the Same Place Over Time

Dramatic Sky over Brodie Field, Austin, Texas © Theresa DiMenno
Brodie Field, Austin, Texas © Theresa DiMenno

By Theresa DiMenno

In early autumn, I returned to a field close to home that I’d stumbled upon in late March of 2020, during the early days of the pandemic. As wildflower season flourished, the virus followed suit and I remained in Austin instead of traversing Texas back roads in search of peak bloomsI photographed the field countless times through mid-June, observing the evolution of acres of bluebonnets replaced by firewheel, prairie coneflower and a variety of other native plants. Slowing down and documenting the changing season from flower to seed, was a deeply moving experience. Photographing the same location over many months gave me a greater understanding and appreciation for the complexity and interconnectedness of all living things. 

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