Glacier Bay Alaska with Mollie Isaacs

Journey to this prime Alaska location to photograph whales, glaciers, sea otters, puffins, and the incredible scenery that Alaska is known for. This is a photographer’s paradise, and this trip includes all you could want and more. While this is a land-based trip, we will have our own private chartered boat for day trips to photograph whales and other sea life, birds, calving glaciers, and whatever land mammals appear like moose, mountain goat, bear, and more. Then we return to our luxurious lodge in the evenings for great food and image critiques. This is the perfect combination of superb photographic opportunities by day, and pampered lodging by night. There will also be opportunities for optional day hiking, kayaking, or just enjoying the surroundings.

We meet in Juneau and then take a 20-minute flight to our lodge which is adjacent to Glacier Bay National Park. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience Glacier Bay like no other photo tour available.

Glacier Bay National Park

Story and photography by Jerry Ginsberg


Mammoth Johns Hopkins Glacier, calling card of Glacier Bay National Park,
meets the bay’s waters in tranquil Hopkins Inlet. © Jerry Ginsberg


For a place that is not reachable by any road, Glacier Bay National Park, tucked away in the southeastern corner of Alaska, can boast a great deal of popularity. This 5,000 square mile park, as large as any in the contiguous 48 states, gets its name from the long and narrow bay and the rivers of snow and ice that creep along its edges at a glacially slow pace. (Was that a pun? Ouch!)

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