Glacier National Park with Tom Mace

This unique National Park offers endless sunrise and sunset opportunities; whether back dropped against a mountain range, reflections on water, or sunrise in an open field of elk it is truly awe inspiring. There is an abundance of wildlife throughout the park; Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Elk, Moose, Bears (Black and Grizzly), Deer, and Birds to name a few. If you are looking to learn both landscape and wildlife photography, this may be one of the best places in America to achieve both. Not only are your group leaders experts in photographing and navigating these magnificent landmarks; they pride themselves on maintaining and respecting the natural environment of all parks they visit.

This is an all inclusive workshop. All workshops, ground transportation, hotel, meals, fees, and the little things are included in the price.

Ever Considered Quitting Your Job?

Story and Photography by Peter Zelinka

© Peter Zelinka

© Peter Zelinka

Have you ever considered quitting your job to go on an epic adventure?

After graduating college and working a full-time IT job for over a year, I needed an escape. I was tired of spending 9+ hours a day in a windowless, grey server room. A plan slowly started to form. This trip would span the entire Western US, and would allow me to finally see the landscapes I had been dreaming of for years. Continue reading