Has Instagram Changed Your Photography? Part 2

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A while back, we asked a cross section of NANPA members whether Instagram and its social media cousins had changed anything about their nature photograph and, if so, how.  Did it change their approach to photography, to sharing images, to marketing their business?  Did it change the type of images they created or the way they processed images?  We’ll continue posting the answers in a series of blogs over the next few weeks.

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Travel Tips for Nature Photographers (Part 3)

Your bags are packed and you're ready for your trip. How can you make your travel experience stress free?

Your bags are packed and you’re ready for your trip. How can you make your travel experience stress free?

The days when travel was glamorous are long gone.  Nowadays, heading to the airport is more likely to elicit a sigh of nervousness or frustration than it is to make you purr with pleasure.  With all the gear we need to bring along, what can photographers do to make the travel experience a little safer and less stressful?

From the Editor: We recently started posting a series of travel tips about making the life of the traveling photographer smoother and easier. This is the third in that series. You can find part 1 and part 2 in the blog archives.  In this installment, NANPA members Gustavo Costa and Donald Dymer talk about traveling safely and protecting your gear. If you have a favorite tip, share it with us! Send it to publications@nanpa.org and we’ll post it in a future article.

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