Autumn in Acadia with Jennifer King

Acadia National Park is the gem of the northeast. It’s fall season is full of color and drama, and it is here that we will spend 4-days with a small group taking you to all the iconic and some remote locations that make this area so special in autumn. I’ve spent a great deal of time exploring this area while visiting family. Join us for a very special autumn experience in and around Maine’s beautiful coast and Acadia National Park.

Colors of Santa Fe with Jennifer King

Santa Fe is a city drenched in art and design at every corner with a blend of history, heritage, mystery and magic. This area is a one of a kind destination for photographers and art enthusiasts. This 4-day photography workshop will guide you from the colorful streets of Santa Fe through the rugged mesa country filled with ancient ruins, tent rocks and desert vistas. Come challenge your creativity in Santa Fe!

Glacier National Park with Jennifer King

Glacier National Park is known for it wild and serene beauty. This incredible national park is said to be Mother Nature’s finest work. Join us on this 4-day photo adventure, and experience the glaciers, sun and vistas in this northwest corner of Montana. From vast landscapes to majestic mountains, colorful sunrises to reflecting lakes, and abundant wildlife all make this location a photographer’s paradise. Come explore and photograph the wonders of Glacier National Park.

Blackhills and Badlands with Jennifer King

The Blackhills and Badlands of South Dakota are a landscape that every photographer must experience. South Dakota is known for its dark sky. The Milky Way is so bright that you can see its color with your eyes. It is here in this vast landscape that we will explore and photograph rugged rock formations, prairies, history and wildlife. We will travel through the wild west, stay in historic Deadwood and photograph stars over Devils Tower. Join us on this 5-day photo adventure capturing landscapes and stars in the Blackhills and Badlands of South Dakota.

Valley of Fire with Jennifer King

The Valley of Fire is a unique state park hidden away only 1-hour from Las Vegas. The rocky desert landscape burns a fiery red when lit by the sun. Over time, these red rock formations have created arches, slot canyons and colorful variations that provide endless photo opportunities. With focus on creativity and learning, this workshop will help you to refine your eye and help you create a strong portfolio of some of the southwest’s most interesting rock. Join us for this amazing photo workshop in the desert of Nevada.

Palouse Photo Workshop with Jennifer King

Nothing says America like the beautiful farmland that spans the eastern Washington and western Idaho states. This region, called the Palouse, is a vista-filled landscape of wheat, crops, barns and beauty unlike anywhere in the U.S. Join us for this summer photo workshop as we capture the harvest of America’s beautiful western farmlands.

After our 2016 Palouse Harvest Workshop, we decided that we needed to quickly revisit the Palouse region. While this workshop is usually offered every other year, we noticed how many barns, granaries and other photographic icons are beginning to fall, and are being replaced with modern and efficient buildings. If you have ever considered photographing the Palouse, please consider going soon so that you may capture the charm, history and uniqueness of this area.

Design your photos for success

Story and photographs by Jennifer King

Summer is here, and a great time to get out and photograph. As you are capturing all that summer has to offer, I want to remind you of the impact that fundamental design principles can have on your photography.


Are you photographing a mountain or beach? Where you place your horizon line can help you to create depth and dimension in your photo and also help call attention to the hero in your photograph. Consider referencing design tools like the Golden Ratio, Rule of Thirds or the Fibonacci Spiral when setting up your composition.


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