Polar Bear Photo Sparks Social Media Engagement

Photo of a polar bear mother and two cubs, with the cubs playing under the mother's legs and on top of her back. © Ken Conger
Polar Bear Mother and Cubs © Ken Conger

Interview with Ken Conger

NANPA member Ken Conger lives in Virginia, but you might find him anywhere from the mid-Atlantic to the Arctic, camera in hand, in search for the next great nature photo or teaching classes in nature photography. In our series exploring what drives social media engagement, we have looked at popular images that were the result of repeated visits to a location and pure serendipity. Conger’s photo is the result of careful planning, experience and an intimate knowledge of his subjects. The result? Spectacular! This photo garnered more than 1,000 likes, 195 comments and 58 shares in the NANPA Facebook Group.

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