2017 NANPA Award Winners

We are pleased to formally announce the 2017 NANPA Award Winners. NANPA Awards fit two broad categories: recognition and service. The NANPA Awards Committee accepts nominations, selects and evaluates candidates for each award and makes recommendations to the NANPA Board of Directors. The 2017 NANPA Awards will be presented at the 2017 Nature Photography Summit in Jacksonville, FL, March 2-4. Continue reading


volulnteersnapshot_20160623_21Linda Helm has been a partner to Mark Lukes in both life and business. (Mark is the founding NANPA president and lifetime member. See the “Volunteer” article on Mark in December 2016 E-News.) Linda currently serves as vice president of Fine Print Imaging, where she has worked alongside Mark since 1983. Prior to Fine Print, Linda worked in human services in the nonprofit sector. She has a passion for both nature and photography. Member #99, Linda has been with NANPA since the very beginning at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, New York. Continue reading