Showcase 2021 Winner: Scott Reither

A long exposure seascape with a double rainblow brilliantly glowing above. Showcase 2021: “Kiss on the Horizon, Maui, Hawaii,” Best in Category, Scapes © Scott Reither
“Kiss on the Horizon,” Maui, Hawaii, 2021 Showcase Best in Category, Scapes © Scott Reither

Artist’s statement

There is power in photography that is easy to see but hard to develop. I never wanted to just create pretty photos. I wanted to move people with my images. It took me many years to find the keys to evocative imagery. Peace, beauty, depth and mood is what I seek—both in life and in my photographs. Kiss on the Horizon contains all of these elements!

If photography has taught me one thing, it is to seize the moment. When all of the elements converged here, I was simply inspired. This photograph reminds me to pay attention—to look out for those fleeting moments when the world gives you unexpected visions.

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